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Sept 3, 2015



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Unfair Jousting Fair is a 2D videogame about jousting, but with unicycles. Two players try to keep their balance on a unicycle while they fight a medieval joust with unbalanced and random weapons.


The original idea sparked from Bennet Foddy's CLOP. We wanted to make a competitive game with a similar control approach. A quick research on jousting ended up with the team developing the game as monocycle jousting. While still in development it was used as presentation for a contest organized by Andalucía Emprende and Gamepolis, where Rodaja won the 1st prize.


  • Quick clashes atop unicycles as you never imagined, with impossible controls
  • Many weapons and characters that you won't be allow to choose
  • Procedurally generated background that have no effect on the game
  • Handcrafted 2D graphics
  • Awesome soundtrack from Madcap (Miguel González Otero).


Launch Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)

download logo files as .zip (120KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Ganadores del concurso Gamepolis y Andalucía Emprende" Málaga, 2014
  • "Best Game Design award" Made In Spain Games zone, Madrid Games Week 2015

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About Rodaja

Rodaja is a small independent studio founded in 2013 by four almost brothers. From the south of Spain they develop local multiplayer games which destroy friendships from all over the world.

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Unfair Jousting Fair Credits

Jesús J. Fernández Romero
QA, game designer

Alberto Rico Zambrana
2D artist, game designer

Alejandro Rico Zambrana
QA, game designer

David Rico Zambrana
Lead programmer, interface and UX designer, translator

Miguel González Otero
Sound designer and composer, Freelancer

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